MACFAB 1100 LTR Bin Press

The bin press compactor reduces the volume of your waste material in 1100 LTR bins by compressing material into the bin. A percentage of general waste loaded loosely into 1100 bins is taken up by trapped air in bags or gaps between materials. By compacting the waste using the 1100 LTR bin press means businesses will reduce the number of bins they have in their waste disposal area. This model will save on the space needed for waste disposal and also the cost of bin charges as less bins are needed.


  • Reduces the frequency of daily/weekly 660 litre waste bin collections.
  • Base lifting plate ensures bin wheels are not damaged during compaction.
  • A compaction ratio of 3:1.
  • Two hand operation makes for a safer working environment.


  • Galvanised finish
  • Alternative power supplies

1100 LTR Bin press - Drawing

(PDF 204.92 KB)

Technical information

An overview of the baler specifications, dimensions, loading aperture and bale size. Please feel free to contact us to confirm any questions you have on the machines specification or performance

Height: 2.120 m
Width: 1.160 m
Depth: 1.150 m
Weight: 270 kg
Transportation Ht: 1.594 m
Power Supply: 220 - 240 Volt 1 phase
Motor: 1.5 kW 13 Amp
Pressing Force: up to 3.5 Ton
Noise Level: 68 decibels
Cycle Times: 20 seconds