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Your waste our solutions

Reduce your waste disposal cost up to 90 percent. Our range of balers and compactors can help your business compact your waste costs.

Extensive range

Choose from a wide range of products that suits your waste streams and volumes.

Clean workspace

Less waste for a tidy workplace

Increase your recycling

Sort and compact your waste at source

A global brand in baling and compaction equipment

At MACFAB we believe in clean reliable design, that's what makes our products so cost effective. Our balers can reduce waste volume by up to 90% reducing the cost of waste disposal, reducing clutter and making a cleaner, safer work environment. We have a wide range of vertical balers, drum crushers, small waste compactors and glass crusher to suit your disposal needs. Please click on our products section to view the best baler to suit your business.

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Machine selection

your waste material

Many businesses have different types of waste material such as cardboard, paper, plastic film, general wet waste, P.E.T bottles, glass bottles, and much more. knowing what waste material your business is generating is important in selecting the right compaction equipment for your needs.

Machine selection

Volume of waste

What quantity of waste is your business generating weekly or monthly? Knowing the volume of waste means the correct size of machine can be supplied for the waste generated.

Machine selection


What space is available for a baler / compactor and what power supply is available on site? Some constraints can be overcome with certain models like our low hight baler the LH300 is a good solution for buildings with a low ceiling hight.

Distribution Network

macfab distributor map

We have a worldwide network of distributors who offer local support and guidance in helping you to compact your waste. To find out more feel free to contact us.

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Baler Strapping

baler strapping

We have a wide range of consumables to suit your balers and compactors. In bale strapping with have different sizes and breaking strenghts depending on the size of bale your baler is making.

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features & operation

Walkthrough Video using a MACFAB baler

Learn more about the features and how to operate our LH300 baler in the above walkthrough video.