Bale strapping for tying bales

We carry a wide range of polyester textile hot melt strapping for waste balers. The below table lists some of the most popular types of strapping we have in stock. 9mm x 500-meter rolls of strapping can be shipped in a box of 4 rolls and we can ship throughout Ireland by courier. If you need a higher volume of strapping, we offer discounts for full pallets of strap. For example, 72 boxes of 9mm x 500 strapping can be shipped on a standard UK pallet.

If you are unsure which type of strapping roll and how many rolls you need for your MACFAB baler feel free to contact us to discuss.

# Description Stock code
1 9mm x 500 meter roll C-2014
2 13mm x 500 meter roll C-2016
3 16mm x 500 meter roll C-2018