About Us

Everything you need to know about MACFAB

Why choose Us.

Globally though our distributor network we have the track record in helping all types of businesses compact / reduce their waste materials. we offer reliable waste compaction machines and at competitive prices with a range to suit your level of waste generation.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help business improve their recycling processes to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing the cost of waste disposal.

What we Do.

Our focus is to constantly improve how we design and manufacture our products at our manufacturing facility in Ireland. Though investment in our manufacturing process and our team of employees we endeavour to give you the best possible equipment for your waste compaction demands.

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Factory Tour
In the following video you will see how we manufacture our range of vertical waste baler and compactors. Form cutting steel from flat plate, pressing steel, welding and fabrication, painting to final assembly. We also assemble our own hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power packs and these areas are also shown in this video. Over time our manufacturing process has evolved and will continue to do so with extra capacity and automation. Since this video has been created, we already have added more handling robot systems and a welding robot for our hydraulic cylinders.