Baler Benifits

Our Balers and Small compaction equipment can give many benefits to your business, and we outline some of these below. If you would like to have more information free to contact us to discuss.

Can dramatically reduce waste disposal charges.

MACFAB baler can reduce waste costs up to 90 percent depending on your waste type volume and location.

Minimum floor space required.

Designed to take up the minimum floor space. We also offer machines with low operating hights.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Baling your material will mean more compact material and less collections and transport of waste from your business. Less collections means less c02.

Clean work environment.

Balers are a great way to keep work spaces clean and organised. Bins will take up more space and it is more likely they can be over filled.

Low running costs.

Designed to have optimum efficiency on power consumption our balers keeps running costs to a minimum.

Safety and Standards

All our Machines are Ce certified. for more information on our standards feel free to contact us to discuss.