60 HD Baler for cans and bottles

The 60HD can bale a variety of waste products including plastic bottles, drink cans, paint tins, steel tins, small cardboard boxes and plastic film. This baler is top loading which makes for efficient loading of materials such as aluminium drinks cans. This Baler also a special cross tying feature where the bale is tied both front to back and left to right which better holds difficult to bale materials. This baler also can be galvanised which protects against residue liquids that are corrosive such as fizzy drinks.


  • Top loading baler 
  • PET plastic bottle bale weight of 32 kg
  • Cross strapping tying system to hold difficult material in place.
  • Fully automated bale ejector: simplifies the removal of the bale. 


  • Galvanised finish
  • Alternative power supplies

60HD BALER- Drawing

(PDF 204.92 KB)

Technical information

An overview of the baler specifications, dimensions, loading aperture and bale size. Please feel free to contact us to confirm any questions you have on the machines specification or performance

Height: 2.144 m
Width: 1.267 m
Depth: 1.328 m
Weight: 706 kg
Height: 0.650 m
Width: 0.600 m
Depth: 0.400 m
Weight: 25kg -60 kg (depending on material used)
Power Supply: 220 - 240 Volt 1 phase
Motor: 2.2 kW 16 Amp
Pressing Force: up to 13 Ton
Noise Level: 68 decibels
Cycle Times: 25 seconds
Height: 0.890 m
Width: 0.600 m
Depth 0.400m