MACFAB LH300 Baler

This vertical baler has a low height of under 2 meters, perfect for store rooms with low ceiling heights.

The sides of the bale chamber walls of the LH300 have built-in Compaction Cylinders. This design offers the benefit that you do not need to raise and bolt cylinders into position on-site, unlike some other models in the Macfab baler range.

The LH300 has a 20 Ton force. It can compact cardboard boxes, plastic film, FIBC bags, and other recyclable materials. It is an excellent choice for businesses to take control of their waste management.

4 rolls of strapping placed on a bar at the back of the baler to tie off bales. Alternatively, you can use steel wire to tie off bales.

There are lifting pockets at the base of the baling press to easily move the baler into position with a fork truck.


  • PLC control panel with a bale full light
  • E-stop button with a key for easy machine lockout of the baler.
  • Hour counter to record machine usage and plan maintenance.
  • Low height baler perfect where space is limited. 
  • easy to eject a bale with strap eject.   
  • Tie off bale with doors open.


  • Galvanised finish
  • Alternative power supplies

LH300 Baler Video

lh300 BALER- Drawing

(PDF 204.92 KB)

Technical information

An overview of the baler specifications, dimensions, loading aperture and bale size. Please feel free to contact us to confirm any questions you have on the machines specification or performance

Height: 1.986 m
Width: 1.800 m
Depth: 1.100 m
Weight: 1140 kg
Height: 1.100 m
Width: 1.200 m
Depth: 0.800 m
Weight: 300kg (depending on material used)
Power Supply: 220 - 240 Volt 1 phase
Motor: 2.2 kW 16 Amp
Pressing Force: up to 20 Ton
Noise Level: 68 decibels
Cycle Times: 45 seconds
Height: 0.596 m
Width: 0.800 m
Depth: 1.200 m